Moving can be stressful, expensive and sometimes impossible... if you're doing it without the help of professionals.

Perfect Fit Organizing can help streamline the process by decluttering your current household belongings and packing items in a logical way that makes them easy to find when you get to your new home. 

Once in your new home, I'll find the perfect place for all your items! You can settle in faster and start living in an organized home right away. 


Moving services include: 


-  Decluttering + purging of unwanted items that you do not wish to move into your new home

-  Collecting and dropping off donation items

-  Sorting + logically grouping items for packing

-  Labeling boxes that will be moved

-  Tidying and organizing the home for realtor showings


-  Unpacking boxes + removing packing supplies from the home 

-  Finding the most efficient place for everything in your new home

-  Organizing + styling rooms to set up your new home perfectly! 



Hourly Rate

Per hour



2 session package

(6 hours)

(save 10% off hourly rate)


4 session package

(12 hours)

(save 15% off hourly rate)


8 session package

(24 hours)

(save 20% off hourly rate)


Our moving and unpacking services are available throughout the Charlotte, NC area.